al dente BPlate IV
BPlate VI
Chainlink Composition EPlate I
Composition for Robin
CPlate II
CPlate III
CPlate VI
CPlate VII
CPlate XIV
Crash APlate III
Deconstruction of Venus APlate I
Delineation Yellow BPlate III
Down Boy Down BPlate V
Dust In Their Hearts EPlate IV
Lead Liver BPlate I
Metal Bouquet BPlate VII
Perambulation of Judas Iscariot CPlate XIII
Pinch Me CPlate XV
Polacure I
Polacure II
Poons Wall II
Poons Wall III
Recycle Bin FPlate I
The Complicit Exploitation of Little China
The Demise of Polaroid I
The Lingering Ghost of Greed
Type 52
Window Shopping for Christ APlate IV
xxx FPlate II